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           Ecological overview naturally of Wuyi Mountain

      The national nature reserve of Wuyi Mountain lies in the north segment of Wuyi Mountain Range, extend across Wuyi Mountain, gloss , three cities and counties in Jianyang are 52 kilometers long from south to north, it is 22 kilometers wide from east to west, the whole area is 56666.667 hectares, was built in 1979 in the protection zone , belonged to the ecology of comprehensive forest, the nature reserve, is located in the bounded area of subtropical zone of temperate zone and had an elevation of 1200 metrs equally. The forest coverage rate is up to 92%, the complicated animal of vegetation is various in style, it is that people explore the profound treasure-house of nature to be known as " biological window of the world ".

        Wuyi Mountain joined " people and natural biosphere " of UNESCO and became natural catch net members in the world in 1987, evaluated for the nature reserve of A grade with global significance by the expert of world wildlife foundation in 1992.

        Leave general term for paulownia, phoenix tree and tung tree Kimura , wear general term for paulownia, phoenix tree and tung tree wood imprison , cross Fujian Jiangxi border wheel and pay later, enter one of the key districts of the protection zone gradually --Huang GangShan, from foot of the hill to about 2 distances of mountaintop, the elevation of Huanggang mountain is 2158 meters, it is the highest peak in Wuyi Mountain Range, it is a southeast highest peak of continent of our country too, have the praise of " Roof of East China ", as the highest peak with Huanggang mountain, above sea level over 500 meters of more than 150 mountain peaks, passes through the border of Jiangxi of Fujian obliquly , but has become a natural protective screen , has prevented the cold current from the Northwest from cutting the warm current from southeast China, then form the typical middle subtropical zone in the protection zone . The rainfall is plentiful , warm and moist, complicated and changeable climate, unique natural environment, shelter this area and hide from and pass the great calamity of Quaternary Period glacier in the geological history, have kept a lot of biological kinds, and has lived and offered unmatched conditions to theirs in great numbers .

        Planting 01, Green vegetables production base of the earth of Shenyang 02, Sub factory base of ten thousand mu of vegetables of garrison post of morality and justice of new city 03, East flowers production base of White Tower of imperial tomb 04, Yu HongGao spends the new century the nursery stock flowers produce the garden 05, In big rose deep processing 06, " think of the precious jade " in the lily garden district and flowers market construction in big three of horse 07, The Su s collects and exports the production project of the flowers more than China's profit 08, Storehouse nursery stock flowers production base of France 09, High and new technology industrial development zone old leaf catch Chinese scholartree produce the processing base rapidly 10, The ginkgo products of east imperial tomb are produced and processed 11, Liaoning Province ginkgo Hi-Tech demonstration area 12, Chinese herbal medicine , storehouse of law , develop the garden 13, High oil maize production base of storehouse of France 14, Sub district high-quality herb planting base of new city 15, The high-quality herb of storehouse of France produces and processes the export base 16, New city sub district grow seedlings on the base while being factory 17, Ten thousand mu of modernized improved variety production bases of the storehouse of France 18, Ten thousand mu of fruit in the sub district of new city are visited 19, New the people 1333.333 yuans of spring onions garden develop and construct 20, East green garden of processing of farm products of imperial tomb 21, Hao's ground source agricultural product development of east imperial tomb 22, East green ecological manor of legendary god of farming of imperial tomb 23, The east imperial tomb melts the modernized agricultural garden fully 24, Manor of Germany of the universe of east district of imperial tomb 25, Develop the garden in agricultural ecology of east brilliance of the rising sun of Shenyang 26, High-new agricultural demonstration garden of high and new technology industrial development zone 27, Modern agricultural demonstration centre of new high-tech industry of the new member of a nationality 28, Agricultural exhibition centre of high and new technology industrial development zone (manage and promote trade and investment) 29, The a thousand town cherry valley agricultural manor project Yao of collecting etc.



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