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           Overview of history and culture
    of Wuyi Mountain

      Wuyi Mountain " ancient Fujian ", " Fujian exceed clan " culture remains historical witness of ancient civilization that disappear already ".

       Wuyi Mountain have abundant history and culture remains. As early as more than 4000 years ago, have the people is it live to work here first , form to is it occupy " ancient Fujian " culture and following " Fujian exceed clan " culture , China of a corner to lean towards domestic and international only one of its kind progressively. Its main culture characteristic is the site of Fujian king's city in Western Han Dynasty of villages of Wuyi " ship coffin " , city, they, with starting from the old and mysterious clan of Wuyi Mountain, notice is a kind of civilization that has already passed.

        18 shelf gully ship coffin of Wuyi Mountain precipice grotto,, Hongqiao board ahead of the funeral remains of the people ancient Fujian clan, ago one one year, cotton cloth incomplete slice of coffin find most early cotton spinning material object so far China. Wuyi shelf gully ship coffin finds times most remote hanging the coffin both at home and abroad now, therefore Wuyi Mountain is asserted that hangs the coffin and buries the vulgar origin by the archaeologist, material object its study our country history Qin and ancient Fujian that disappear already exceed culture extremely precious materials first. The ruins of Seoul covered an area of 480,000 square meters are to cross the ruins of king's city in Fujian in the more than 2000 years Western Han Dynasty ago, it is the location of ancient city of best presserved Han dynasty to the south of the Changjiang River of China, original in style in establishing selecting site , building tactics and style, a typical representative of the ancient southern city of China. Have already explored unearthed more than 4000 precious historical relic now, pattern hollow brick , iron spearhead , iron Wang tooth rake , iron three-strand fish spear among them , go back shape pipeline,, palace public bath,etc. national similar top of historical relic, ruins one keep intact source of water high-quality " the South first well " so far, have extremely high historical culture and research value.

        Wuyi Mountain bright red sub cradle of Neo-Confucianism, it is world that study Zhu ZiLi study and even eastern base of culture. Zhu Xi is (1130 --1200)The greatest thinker , philosopher and educationist in China's history following Confucius. He incorporates the strong points of academic thought after Confucius, the ones that forms Confucianism's ideology and culture are outstanding to represent --Zhu Zi Neo-Confucianism, Confucius' doctrine after being called too in the world, is admired and determined as the official orthodox philosophy thought, in ruling position thought theory over 700 years since committing China from Song Dynasty to Qing Dynasty (13 century had to the 20th century ), represent traditional national spirit with general significance, it is the importance developing stage following Confucius in eastern intellectual history , history of education , philosophy history and literature history. It influences and deepens all respects of China's social life, and go abroad, all far and east Asia , Southeast Asia and American-European countries, become embodiment of civilization of east Asia, still attract the expert , scholar of dozens of countries and regions in the world to be devoted to Zhu ZiLi's research to study thought so far. Learn and there are inalienable connections between Wuyi Mountain and Zhu ZiLi. Zhu Xi to Wuyi Mountain, until the fact that 71 years old die, in Wuyi Mountain from learn , write books to expound a theory , is it award it in vain to run a school teenager from 14 years old, life is up to more than 50 years. Zhu Zi Neo-Confucianism is pregnant with , take shape , spread , develop here. Zhu Xi establishes the academy of Ziyang, does in the test in the pavilion academy etc. to become the most influential academy at that time in Wuyi Mountain, a lot of people disciple and his descendant become famous Neo-Confucianism house, and a generation of spread one generation, form the influential school , make Wuyi Mountain become and pay attention to the scientific name mountain. In addition, take care of wild king , Li Shangying , Fan Zhongyan , Xin Qiji , Luyou , Xiong He ……The activity in Wuyi Mountain, has left past dynasties more than 450 places of inscriptions on precipices of the artistic treasure-house of Chinese calligraphy of can be rated asing, ancient poesy 1400 many, leave the extremely precious culture remains for Wuyi Mountain. The culture remains are combined with beautiful natural landscape, compare with historical records and China's current situation , study the rise and decline developing and China's philosophy intellectual history with Confucianism's thought in studying Zhu ZiLi, its value is very precious, and a rarity of China's traditional culture.

        The religious culture of Wuyi Mountain and cultural religious culture of Wuyi Mountain of tea are of long standing and well established, influence is extensive. In middle period in the eighth century, namely establish Taoism treasure hall on day in Wuyi Mountain. Classify as into " rise yuan take in the 16th cave heaven really " of Taoism 36 cave heaven. Meanwhile, Buddhism begins to introduce to Wuyi Mountain too. The 11th century later, Taoism and Buddhism of Wuyi Mountain kept quite long prosperity period. The washing of Wuyi Mountain helps the view to develop into one of the nine famous views in the whole country. Land of Peach Blossoms view build on one one the Later Jin Dynasty such as generation, with is it help view a match for each other to wash. Buddhism Buddhist temple , Yongle of heart , collect one party fine scenery , make Wuyi Mountain rank among Buddhism " China helmet 8 pet name mountain " day such as famous scenic spot. Religion activity introduces, development, great prosperity or declining and withering to, are it have more than 60 office to sow in the temple spreading over the whole mountain , palace and temple ruins in Wuyi Mountain. The rock and tea of Wuyi have a history of more than 1,000 years. Already there were records of Wuyi tea in the Tang Dynasty. Song Dai, Wuyi tea has already become royal tribute . Began Yuan Dynasty, the imperial court established and resisted the tea garden in Wuyi Mountain, superintended and directed and made tribute tea. In the 17th century, the rock and tea of Wuyi began to find a good sale in America and Europe, was loved by the upper class . One year, forest , botanist of Sweden , is it in " plant kind " , regard Chinese representative of tea as " Wuyi kind " (VAR BOHEA ) to endure, been using till today all the time . The tea thing activities of more than 1,000 years, not merely leave and resist the ruins of tea garden , meet the forest pavilion kiln location and the ancient tea garden that is seen everywhere , ancient trace of tea processing factory in Wuyi Mountain, and has created unique making tea , drink tea , tea art performance , has become one of the important content of cultural heritage of Wuyi Mountains.

        Wuyi Mountain Chinese Taoism famous mountain, the Jin Dynasty , Tang,, famous dish practise austerities in Wuyi Mountain Song Dynasty, the end Tang classify as into Taoism the 16th cave heaven --Rise yuan take cave heaven really , name dishes of white jade toad stop the abbot of Buddhist nunnery in Wuyi Mountain the Southern Song Dynasty, famous prime minister Li Gang reach Wuyi Mountain visit to is it help view the whole country nine famous view one of in Song Dynasty to wash Wuyi Mountain once too. Still keep the comparatively intact Taoist temple now --Hole Taoist temple of Land of Peach Blossoms. Wuyi Mountain history of Buddhism can trace back to the Tang Dynasty, most temple skillful to lend rock wall crack to structure near the mountain at that time, show unique characteristics. There are eminent monks in successive dynasties to call on, abbot on Wuyi Mountain temple , still have Buddhist temple , wonderful lotus temple , auspicious rock temple ,etc. , Yongle of heart , to become the religion tourist attraction of Wuyi Mountain day now. Not only Taoism famous mountain of Wuyi Mountain, but also but also pay attention to the scientific name mountain. Whether Wuyi Mountain wind have a site of noticeable inscriptions on precipices to peak. " pay attention to the cave in a line of the south " (exchanges the room horse and shoulders the question of the book ). This big every word of research institute of four thumb nests is two meters square , verdant and luxuriant and classic, intension is deep, there is artistic value, Wuyi Mountain is a historical sign of " Neo-Confucianism den " briefly.


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