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           Natural species overview of 
    Wuyi Mountain

      Suitable for many kinds of living beings to multiply in the nature reserve of Wuyi Mountain, according to the records of survey, the plant kind is up to more than 3000 kinds, in animal, known as subtropical zoo. There are nearly one hundred kinds wild animal's beasts in the district, more than 300 kinds of birds, 33 kinds of amphibian animals, 73 kinds of reptiles, insect more than 5000 kinds and other aquatic animals. The rare animal of Wuyi Mountain start from more nature reserves, protection zone with insect, vertebrate and other living beings new kind and mode collection of sample Holy Land but well-known. The 38th year of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty (1699), Americans Jcaminfham enter Kimura , general term for paulownia, phoenix tree and tung tree of Wuyi Mountain , carry and gather the sample of plants first. With manage will it be September one year (will it be October one year ), Catholic Father , Dauid of Frenchmen , reach general term for paulownia, phoenix tree and tung tree wood , register for mound gather sample, find many birds , new kind of mammality, March of the 22nd year of Guangxu (April of 1896 years ) and the 14th year of the Republic of China (1925), Englishmen Catouohe and Americans Pope , Germen Schmiat waited to reach mound , three harbours of hanging many times out of admiration for the reputation successively, gather a large amount of reptiles, perching type animal's sample of the west, find new kind of 62 kinds vertebrates . The 26th year of the Republic of China, Germen carats of uncle wish in high to fit, Shaowu , gloss is it gather one such as sample such as animals and plants to take, find more than 600 new kinds. The 26th year of the Republic of China, the 34th year of the Republic of China, biological scholar Zheng Zuo of our country is new with He Jing, scholar of Zhejiang horse beautiful to is it gather insect , birds , plant sample size 600,000 more than 4000 kinds to take in great bamboo haze successively while being of superior grade, find a large amount of new kinds. After the foundation of the People's Republic of China, some domestic scientific research departments , teachers and students of institution of higher learning are going to Wuyi Mountain to investigate and gather samples constantly.

        1979, In 1981, the provincial scientific and technological commission of Fujian organized more than 130 professors , scientific workers of 38 teaching R&D institutions and launched integrated survey, gather 250,000 samples of the animals and plants altogether, find new kind of 23 , 1 new mutation , Chinese new 17 of record , new 133 of record of Fujian , 28 new records of Wuyi Mountain among them. In summer of 1981, the forestry institute of Fujian and protection zone jointly investigated the bamboo plant of Wuyi Mountain, gather sample size 36 200, is it appear Wuyi Mountain bamboo 10 belong to , 28 to determine, 3 mutations , a becoming type, 6 new kinds, 3 new mutations , one was made up newly, 3 have not been named . In September of the same year, Shanghai Natural History Museum plant professional group investigated Wuyi Mountain bryophyte, gather the 1400th of sample of liver moss, the 5000th of lichen sample , fern sample No. more than 320, determine tentatively out Wuyi Mountain more than 200 kinds of liver moss , more than 100 kinds of lichen, find a lot of economic worth high liver moss forest and strange special type kinds of distribution very.

        Will it be will it be the beginning March 1982, Fujian new proper professor Yu of forestry institute investigated the protection zone, found that the natural excellent population of China fir fell and concentrated and was distributed, appear age of tree Chinese yew , sassafras , detailed man of handle A Chinese sweet gum for one year, hook evergreen chinquapin ,etc. tree king, the greatest tree king that has already found for Fujian Province. Will it be March 25 1987, the United Nations people plan with biosphere world coordinate council carry out office (Paris ) meeting, is it list Wuyi Mountain nature reserve in international living beings protect network of enclosing etc. to determine. September 7 of the same year, by the education of the United Nations, science, cultural organization people and biosphere is it organize Secretary General Du , horse of A , to plan- Mach tower · nurse rich foundation people plan with biosphere world coordinate director meeting authorize The decision which its presidium make, classify the nature reserve of Wuyi Mountain as the international component of keeping the ground network of biosphere.



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