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           Travel overview of WuyiMountain

      Wuyichan City lies in the intersection of two provinces in northwestern part of Fujian Province , Jiangxi , Fujian. The predecessor is high An County,construction is five years (A.D. 994 ) in Chunhua of Northern Song Dynasty, dismissed from the county and established the city with the approval of the State Council in August of 1989, it is a new developing tourist city named after famous mountain.


        Win , called Wuyi Mountain very with water with the mountain, it is      

         The whole area of land of the whole city is 2798 sq. km., total population 21. 680,000 people, have jurisdiction over 5 towns, 5 townships , 6 state-run agricultural tea plantations, 115 administrative villages, there are the first batch of national key nature reserves within the border, 4th batch of Key Cultural Relic Unit under State Protections national scenic spot , national travel resorts , countries , a kind of aviation port , , the whole country --City village ancient Fujian Wang city site, and provincial travel economic development zone , overseas Chinese economic development zone ,etc..

         The nature reserve of Wuyi Mountain was classified as one of the 5 key nature reserves in the whole country by the State Council in 1979 Wuyi Mountain classify as national key scenic spot 1987 Wuyi Mountain nature reserve list UNESCO in world people and biosphere 1982. The nature reserve of Wuyi Mountain was classified as the protection zone of global bio-diversity by the United Nations in 1992. The State Council is it set up the State Council is it set up Wuyi Mountain aviation port the national class I port to sanction national will it be September 1993 such as travel resort such as Wuyi Mountain to sanction 1992. January of 1999 was named the first batch of outstanding tourist cities of China by National Tourism Administration October of 1999 was awarded the whole country the second batch of civilized demonstration pilot projects of scenic spot by central civilization office , national Ministry of Construction , National Tourism Administration.

        Wuyi Mountain is a picturesque place, history is long, many renowned personalities gather together, have long been known as " green water and red mountain ". July of 1998, chosen as the first batch of outstanding tourist cities of China, listed in " the natural legacy of the world and cultural heritage register " by UNESCO World heritage Committee on December 1 , 1999, the regional the whole area listed in ' offers as a gift generation ' in Wuyi Mountain is up to 999. 75 sq. km. , it is national world legacy largest in area at present, continued Mount Tai, Mount Huang, Mt.E'mei- Leshan Big Buddhism , fourth in our country is listed in the unit of double legacy of the world, become one of 23 pieces of double legacy ground in the whole world. Chosen as the first batch of 4A grade tourist zone of the whole country in January of 2001.

        Wuyi Mountain have unique , scarce , splendid natural landscape, belong to the rare natural beauty area , harmonious and unified representatives of mankind and natural environment. The natural scenery of Wuyi Mountain takes the course of its own, the whole area is 70 sq. km.. It is a characteristic of regarding ground form of red rosy clouds as, the natural mountains and rivers are main scene, the history and culture accumulation, for the scenic spot that incorporates the travel and trade and business travel to go sightseeing , lie fallow for holidaysing into an organic whole of intension. Whether former president of World Tourism Organization executive committee bar department Mrs. in epigraph joyfully after Wuyi Mountain of visiting 1990. "The scenic spot of Wuyi Mountain not polluted is the model of environmental protection of the world. "

        Wuyi Mountain is the key area of global bio-diversity protection, it is the habitat of Shang Cun's rare , endangered species, it is the outstanding illustration evolving course , mankind and natural environment interreaction on behalf of the living beings. The whole area of nature reserve of Wuyi Mountain is 56666.667 hectares. Aninals or plants resources are very abundant, is the gene pool of the rare , peculiar wild animal in the district, call " research amphibious , key of reptile " , " paradise of bird " , " kingdom of snake " , " world of insect " , " biological window of the world " Chinese and foreign biologist.

        Wuyi Mountain have abundant historical culture remains, domestic " ancient Fujian clan " its" Fujian exceed clan " culture remains whether history of ancient civilization witness ". As early as more than 4000 years ago, have the people is it live to work here first, have formed leaning towards the culture and following culture of " exceeding clan of Fujian " of " ancient Fujian clan " which occupies a corner of China of domestic and international only one of its kind progressively . Wuyi shelf gully ship coffin finds times most remote hanging the coffin both at home and abroad now, study our country history Qin and ancient Fujian clan that disappear already culture extremely precious materials first. Classify as the ruins of Fujian of Han dynasty of the national major historical and cultural sites under state protection, cover an area of 480,000 square meters , save fullness ,unearthed relics most many Han dynasty location of ancient city most that the South find at present. Zhu Zi Neo-Confucianism sprout , be ripe , travel in here, it is it deepen China social all respects of life to influence, all far and east Asia , Southeast Asia and American-European countries, become embodiment of civilization of east Asia. Contemporary famous scholar Cai Shang thinks and resides the theory in the poem: "Kong Qiu appears in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, there is Zhu Xi in the Southern Song Dynasty; China's ancient culture, Mount Tai and Wuyi. "

        Wuyi Mountain is the always revolutionary base area . Marxism-Leninism spread here in 1925, set up the Communist Party of China and fitted the special branch high in July of 1927. In the second domestic revolution wartime, Wuyi Mountain is one of the revolutionary base areas of Jiangxi of Fujian. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China , famous having the plum rebellion and red stone rebellion had still successively happened. There is 1 in all here. 150,000 worthy sons and daughters give up one's life heroically for national independence and liberation causes of people. Still leave the Agrarian Revolutionary War the Su 's of the north of Fujian Province of period here so far --Da'an, goes to the plum rebellion place --Have plums; Site of organ of Provincial Party committee of Fujian of period of the war of resistance --Near coal-mine,etc. the large quantities of revolutionary historic ruins and monument to revolutionary martyrs of the north of Fujian Province of the epigraph of martyrs' park , Zhu De and Chen Yi of " red stone rebellion " ,etc..

        Wuyi Mountain is the famous grain district , forest zone , tea producing region of the South of our country. There are 20,000 hectares of cultivated land now in the whole city, is the important commodity grain base of Fujian Province. The forest coverage rate of the whole city is up to 79. 2%, obtained numerous title of Jia County (city ) of national afforestation in 1997. The rock and tea of Wuyi are one of ten major well-known tea in the whole country, in order to have rock musical sound and enjoy great prestige in China and foreign countries alone. Famous clump " cinnamon " tea has been continued to hold for the 6th time in succession since the eighties such special honours as the national well-known tea , gold medal ,etc., the king's " bright red robe " of tea is the highest grade in this world even more.




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