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           Whole overview of Wuyi Mountain

      Wuyi Mountain of world culture and natural legacy register, it is national-level scenic spot of China, one of the districts for holidays of the national-level nature reserve and national-level travel . Lying in the south of Wuyichan City of Fujian Province, the southeast hillfoot of north segment of Wuyi Mountain Range, lies between east longitude 117?55ˊ --118?01ˊ, north latitude 27?35ˊ --Between 27?43ˊ, the low hills where a red gravel rock of about 70 sq. km. in area forms . The inland looks of scenic spot is peculiar , the scenery is beautiful, call with its green water red mountain , grotesque peak and different stone. Layer is changed in the ridges and peaks, impressive, line it with with the green pine bamboo, the cloud and mist surrounds, the scenery is more charming. " three three " green water hover, " six six " grotesque peak stand towering, form one pieces of natural picture scroll that have one hundred more magical, there is claiming " very the most beartiful one in the southeast ".

       Win , called Wuyi Mountain very with water with the mountain, it is the typical red rosy clouds ground form . The superb craftsmanship of the nature in hundreds of millions of years, the ones that formed the small stream and song three six six peaks of mountain ring (36 peaks ) , 99 rock in Sanshui (nine small streams ) are strange . In spring , summer , autumn or winter, or see that the mountains and rivers are amorous , or see the green pine bamboo set each other off; Or see the ridges and peaks and cloud and mist surround, the scenery is changeable , attractive. Nine limpid green and bright small streams , the beauty of the rivers and mountains is combined together, form the natural landscape of " green water and red mountain ". The peak rock is above sea level generally about 400 meters, can already climb the mountain on foot while visiting Wuyi, the ones that sought red rock are strange , can also go boating zigzagly , view and admire the winning of green water; It is natural whether to keep or not by champaign Wuyi Mountain of the sceneries, before World Tourism Organization executive committee President Malko Mrs. praise to have been: " model of environmental protection of the world ".



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